Meet Lilian

Hi there, nice to meet you, welcome to AmsterdamPersonalized.

So you have decided to come to Amsterdam. Great choice. Amsterdam is a fantastic city, its inhabitants are easy going people, its museums show the best art, its restaurants serve great food. It is a city that caters to all ages.

Since 2009 I arrange individual press tours for journalists on art, design, history, architecture, food and whatever they want to know. One of them asked me to offer these tours to the readers public.. AmsterdamPersonalized was born. I love designing bespoke tours that cater to the wishes of my guests. It can be a family tour with kids from toddlers to teens. It can be a culinary expedition in the city. If you rather cycle, we will discover Amsterdam by bike. Rather go with private driver or boat. We will arrange it for you. But there is one condition: we go beyond Google.


Meet Lilian

I love this beautiful city and will proudly show it to you.

I am honoured that my tours have been featured in international publications: The Times, Travel+Leisure, L’Express, Business Traveler, Dagens Nyheter, Süddeutsche Zeitung …..

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