Group Tours  

Directly based on our curator work for press tours, the core of our portfolio consists of rich spectrum of thematic group tours and Amsterdam experiences with a focus on five themes: heritage, culinary, design, art, and fashion themes. 
All tours are co-created together not alone with our friends from the Amsterdam creative scene, and our high end partners in the hospitality and culinary sector, also our travel agency partners and customers are closely involved to tune the tour to the specific interests or requirements of the group.  We curate thematic tours for both corporate or private groups.

Thematic tours can vary from a 8 day tour for 20 people that we organised for a sponsor group of an American Design Museum visiting Dutch Designers all over the Netherlands, but can also be a short 1,5 hour visit to the atelier of an artist in Amsterdam for a small group, something we call MindSnacks.  

Bas Kosters

Bas Kosters

'MIndsnacks' Inspiration

Sometimes you or your team are just looking for some inspiration.  Or your team needs a reset of the mind. Together with our friends from the creative scene in Amsterdam we will open new ways of thinking for you. Get a MindSnack and visit designers, artists, chefs, or fashion people in their workshops or at home!

The visits last ca. 1,5 hour and are done in small groups of 4 to ensure maximum interaction. Taxis will bring and return you to the main group.

MindSnacks provide quick insights into alternative ways of working and new ways of thinking to inspire you and your team. 

Contact us to learn about your options.

Relax and Learn Tours

For a Rotary Club from München we organised a tour around the shores of the IJ in telling them the story of the new developments Amsterdam-Noord. We arranged not only a relaxed boat ride and a drink , but wanted to provide also some food for thoughts as well. For that we visited a number hotspots along the IJ:  NDSM, the LLoyd hotel, a 3D print and design atelier and concluded the day with a visit and tour in the new A'dam Tower.  

We took the group to some unique places to listen to surprising speakers on topics that are refreshing and intriguing, while enjoying drink and a bite.

Contact us to discuss the ideal tour mix for your group. 

Moshik Roth

Moshik Roth

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Incentive Tours

The complete staff (50 people) of a Belgian confection company needed a reward for their achievements last year but also some inspiration to renew the style of their company.
We arranged a program with more then 20 fashion designers and other creatives in Amsterdam that were visited in small groups of 4 people. That was enough food for talk during dinner. The tour also included a boat tour and a fantastic party in a very special location with food, drinks, music and dance. A special photographer recorded the day, resulting of smiling photo's of every staff member.

You want to inspire your team or celebrate  your company achievements?  Contact us on how we can make this a super rewarding event for you and your team.