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Amsterdam beyond google


Meet Lilian

Hi there, nice to meet you, and welcome to AmsterdamPersonalized.

For more then 10 years I organize press tours for international journalists on art, design, history, architecture, food and whatever their readers want to know about Amsterdam. During that time I learned the city in and out.

Some years ago a journalist asked me to offer these tours to his readers and AmsterdamPersonalized was born. Like with press tours, I love designing bespoke tours based on the interests and wishes of my guests. It can be a family tour with kids from toddlers or teens that want to explore the city. It can be a couple on a culinary expedition in the city. If you are with your friends and rather cycle, we will discover Amsterdam by bike. You are an elderly couple interested in Amsterdam’s heritage and do not want to walk too much? Rather go with private driver or boat? We will arrange it for you.

There is one condition however: we always go beyond Google!


Why I love tours

I love to live in the beautiful city of Amsterdam and to host visitors, show them around, and introduce them to my friends.

I started doing tours working with international journalists when I was working at the Amsterdam Tourist Board, doing press tours and helping them creating magazine articles, tv-shows or radio programs. I loved it so much I founded AmsterdamPersonalized now also doing private and corporate tours.

I am honoured that my tours have been featured in more then 250 international publications: The Times, Travel+Leisure, L’Express, Business Traveler, New York Times, Dagens Nyheter, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Bell’Europa, Arte TV, Bayrischer Rundfunk Radio, Echappees belles and many more.

If you have time, go and visit and check them out. Also don’t forget to check my private and corporate tours below !


“Check out my tours”

So you have decided to come to Amsterdam? Great choice. Amsterdam is a fantastic city, its inhabitants are easy going people, it is safe and green, its museums show the best art, its restaurants serve the best food and the city is buzzing with art, design, heritage and music events to inspire you. It is a city to relax and enjoy time together with your friends or family. No matter if you are a toddler, young and exploring, or a senior citizen couple, Amsterdam will give you a great time.


Architectural Tour for german newspaper

They visited one room hotels and talked to the people involved in the project

picture courtesy sweetshotel


Golden age Tour for French Magazine

Amsterdam has a lot of special places that are hidden yet open the general public. For this French Magazine we meandered along the canals, talking about history and how it translates into the Amsterdam culture as it is now. We visited some exciting places, old an new.

picture courtesy Lion Noir


Following rembrandt through Amsterdam

We arranged a special Rembrandt tour for an American couple. We literally stood in places where Rembrandt worked, ate, slept, walked… It transported the Master into contemporary Amsterdam.

picture courtesy of Droog


Our clients were interested in the Dutch culture and history.

We had a stroll along the canals and an impromptu meeting with a man whose family is part of the Amsterdam DNA. History coming alive, new friendships being made…


The lady loves Anthurium

For our client we arranged a visit to a green house where they grew her favourite flowers.

We learned that it takes seven years for a new hybrid to be ready to grow for the florist market. The young grower informed us that next year they would have a new hybrid.


Sugar Sweet Flowers

For an Italian and an Indonesian journalist we arranged a visit at the fabulous canal house of an internationally renowned flower designer.

Her flowers are all made of sugar and we could hardly see the difference in her bouquets what were real and what were sugar flowers.


Flowers, flowers, flowers

Spring in full colours for three ladies

Just imagine the colours and scents of 15 million flowers,……a hallucinating experience.


Living happily in Amsterdam

For a young American couple who wanted to have a modern Amsterdam tour we meandered through the city, talking about their lives in New York and how the Dutch live. Even hinting at how they would fit in perfectly in the Amsterdam of 2019


Contemporary Art tour

Finding modern art in classic canal area, led this journalist to one of Amsterdam’s most iconic street artist.


Contemporary Art tour

For German couple and their Korean friends we organized a contemporary art tour where they met with new and established artists


New venues tour

For an American journalist we organized a new venues tour in Amsterdam, keeping him in the know of new hotels and restaurants


Boat Tour for elderly couple

For a charming elderly couple from Argentina, we organized a boat tour and got a serenata by this cheerful Amsterdam musician

children walking tour.JPG

Special tour with young children

For a family of 5 we went on a discovery tour through Amsterdam. They were deeply impressed that at their young age they would have been considered fit to work like grown ups

grafitti  ndsm.JPG

Urban bike tour with teens

Travelling with teens is great fun. We went cycling along the river shore and visited Amsterdam Hotspots.

urban bike tour.JPG

Urban Art Tour

Our British guest wanted to relax and enjoy the unusual locations in the city. We cycled for hours . visiting different art locations


When Virtuoso comes to town

We were asked by the former editor in chief of T+L to meet with one of her contacts from Virtuoso, when she was in Amsterdam. She took along some of her Virtuoso friends on an impromptu city tour


Finding the Roots

For one of the largest US travel organisations we arranged a special tour with an expert on Jewish history to trace back their forefathers in Amsterdam history


Rembrandt and The Times

For The Times article on Rembrandt we were welcomed to admire the latest discovered Rembrandt painting


Tour for a Cheese loving family

They love cheese, we too and we arranged a meeting with a Maitre Fromagier. Needless to say it was a pleasant sampling food tour


Travelling with Toddlers

Unicef named the Dutch kids the happiest in the world. For a young American couple we arranged a pleasant visit to Amsterdam. If the little ones are happy, mummy and daddy are happy too

mx3d private tour.JPG

Design tour for a German group

They wanted to see another Amsterdam, so we arranged a boat tour that took us to the most interesting designers. of course we also arranged the lunch and the dinner.